Five Years Later...

As of June 2013...Mom and I...with dad looking over us. Joined the sport of herding. In January 2014...we will have taken charge of handling our own dogs. So looking back, what I have learned. First it would have been cheaper to buy an open USBCHA dog and go trialing, then to buy puppies, a 20 acre farm that needed complete renovation and struggle through the first five years. But as a very wise man told me...(Faansie).."There is no shortcut". He is exactly right. We have gained a great deal from each person whom has touched our lives, be they trainers, trialers or support crew. Each shares the passion for the sport. In addition, we have built this facility with handlers in mind. Wanting to ensure that handlers would have a place to come work their dogs not just on a trial course, but around the farm...moving stock from pens, sorting, picking up the flock from the field and more. It provides the dogs the opportunity to truly but their strengths to work. I recently read an article about John Griffin in Wales who got it right..."These dogs were bred to work, not trial. You work them because they want to, you trial them because you want to." Trialing creates a sense of camaraderie in the stock-dog community and gives a forum for testing to see what the dogs know. But always remember the most important at the end of the they are still your dog. I have some of the best farm dogs, that will never be trial dogs...and we (mom and I) together are working on building a future with our trial dogs. I am exctied about the next five years...I hope you pick up the torch.

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