Michael Gallagher

Michael Gallagher has been working with border collies since he was 12 years old while helping his Father Aidan with dogs, yet didn't start to trial till 2003. Starting out with his first dog was a little bitch named Gyp, and she took Michael to his first big win of International Young Handler of the year in  2005.

He added his second dog to his team, a rough coated Scottish bred dog named Cap, and well, Cap took Michael as far as any handler dreams to go. A clean sweep in 2010  they were the International Supreme Champion, 1st place qualifying round, along with the Driving Championship all in one weekend! Combined with a 3rd in the World Trial in 2011 and multiple Open wins under their belt, they were a formidable team for many years.

Followed by other successful dogs such as his Flo who won him his first Canadian Championship and a 3rd at the 2015 International Supreme, and Cain who is a Cap/Flo son went on to gain his second Canadian CH and 4th at the US National in 2014. Now with Val, a young granddaughter of Cap to place 14th at the 2017 World Trial. 

November 2-3, 2019:  Clinic;

November 1: Lessons


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