Imp. James "Jim"

ISDS/ABCA    db:  6/2014

Named for Jim McGraw.  Maci's primary open dog.  Forward, stylish and very natural.  Always ready to put in a hard days work.  Works both Cattle and Sheep.  DNA clear/ OFA Excellent


AZ Sean

ABCA    db:  12/2018

Sean is a cross between Jim and (Jules) Imp. Gigi.  Jules is now in Texas.  Sean is a young dog in training.  


Elfa Mack

ABCA    db:  3/2018

Mack is  thoughtful moving stock, power and style.  Big outrunner with nice feel.  Exciting future ahead, going from Nursery into Open.    DNA TNS Carrier  OFA Good

Happy Mother's Day.jpg  Peg Mcgraw.jpg

Twoshoes Drover

ABCA    db:  8/2015

Drover came along when he was needed.  An amazing herding dog for Peg.  He suffered and injury and no longer competes in USBCHA, but he loves to work, when allowed.