Welcome to the Far-Out Fetching Flockers, otherwise know as the FOFFs.  This club was founded in 2014 by a group of supporting friends to provide a positive, fun herding environment to advance handlers in their pursuit of improving and expanding herding in Arizona.  This is a club for herding advocates in Arizona.

Since 2014, the Far-Out Fetching Flockers founding members have strived to support new handlers.  Since 2015, Arizona Lamb has been the home to the FOFFs.  The training facility has been the destination of herders, and the dog sport appreciaiton community to observe sheep farm lambing and shearing and training dogs on stock.

More information is coming on the developments of a membership organization.  But the founding members include:  Susan Gruwell, Sandy Cash, Paulette Smith, Jenny Wagoner, Markus & Caraline Risinger and Hiroko Komori.  

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