Our Journey, part 2...

The dog that takes you to herding isn't always the one you will partner with. That is a very hard statement. Mercer found out she was really only a fair weather herder...she preferred frisbees. Duke loved working cattle but not sheep. So onward we progress looking to find a dog to partner with. Mom started Sassy, I started KJ, but after a year we realized we needed to switch dogs. KJ fit mom's style more than mine and Sassy was to fast for mom. It really didn't change much for us but with the realization that each dog, like each handler has a unique style, way of learning and interest in the task. Just because you have the desire to learn to herd, the dog may be content with a kong

Our Journey into Herding, part 1

Five years ago, my dad and mom said "Maci...let's check out this competitive herding sport". What they didn't say was oh yes, we have to drive 6 hours to get to the trainer and facility to actually check out field dog herding sanctioned by United States Border Collie Handlers Association. Having grown up on a farm with cattle and agriculture, dogs were always a part of our world. But the best control we had on them for stock was "Shhh" get em up. Yep that was it. So off Mom (Peg), Dad (Jim) and I go. We had already spent the previous 6 months watching a "trainer" take our dogs to sheep in competition in small arenas, but we were told..owners don't handle. Well hello, we are do'ers not

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