2002 Lineup: Stryker, Landry "Lobo", Katie, Mercer, Bet, Astra Shannon "Sassy", Freckles, Duke

The McGraw's started Arizona Border Collies almost 20 years ago,when we moved from the ranch in Western Colorado to Arizona.  Our dogs were from working cattle ranches and used to help in everyday activities. Upon moving to Arizona, we ventured into agility, but eventually realized our passion was still in the working stockdog.

Since 2011 our focus has been on developing the right dogs for biddablitily, partnering and working assets.  Our lines come from working and stockdog trial backgrounds,in both sheep and cattle lines.

This is a family affair...involving Peg, Maci and Justin.  It was dad who encouraged us and helped us move foward...He is watching over us, accompanied by some of our original BC Crew.





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